Saturday 19 November 2011

viewing orb and magnifier

How to make it easier for people to study or get inside the small self contained world.
Some thoughts:
orb which allows people to put heads into ecosystem and also magnifies

Grown up play ground by Carsten Holler:

There’s what looks like a fish tank with a hollowed out area in which you can rest your head onto a water-pillow to simulate being inside an aquarium.

A slightly lower tech way of looking at the aquarium in magnification is the portal aquarium viewer:

It allows you to sit across the room and still see the magnified view.
It actually magnifies more the further you move away.
Could I attach a camera to it or enable it to be twisted to focus in and out or increase magnification

Clear Glass Cabochon Round Bead Crystal Magnify 1 Inch (2 Beads)
Could possibly just buy a lens and stick it to the glass as a test?
"Best" would probably be 5X-power magnification usually up to 5" diameter in size.

While at the wildlife park this weekend, Charlotte mentioned a zoo exhibit which allowed you to see otters on land then a cut away section to see them swim under water.
Underwater otter exhibit at Evansville Zoo

Or could I use the design to suggest deeper thought: I think a glass head would be a bit literal.

 Head shaped Fish Tank

Portable fish bowl

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