Thursday, 24 November 2011

Terrariums for kids

The microbe world.I love getting down eye level with the ground and seeing what is presenting itself. The moss clings and succeeds in impossible places. The lichen expands in even more impossible place. How can you not be fond of an organism that wraps itself around a rock and can live using hardly any resources.

The answers to the universe are locked in the make up of these specimens. I am sure of this.

IMG_2353 by you.

I had two hours in which I had to procure the vessels to be used and all material to go in.Could be a good challenge to set for skill share.

I kill everything plant wise. It has to be VERY hardy to make it in my world. This is also why terrariums are appealing to me. I love the notion that once the balance has been achieved in terms of moisture you can have a perfect self sustaining eco system.

I am hoping for longevity. They can survive for years unopened. Sounds like the ideal plant. I also think they make wonderful presents. I envision a roomful of various jars filled with little mini forests this fall, earnest beads of condensation trickle down the glass sides proof there is hard work being done and lives being fed. Could fill a whole room with mini systems, in the walls or walls name of ecosystems and aquariums. Or like in Japan instead of lanterns have mini biospheres.

terrarium detail by you.

Wouldn’t it be such a joy to receive something alive and hopeful in winter.

Today I included the kids and we all made terrariums.
sawyer constructs terrarium by you.

acacia constructs terrarium by you.

piper's totoro terrarium by you.
acacia and finished terrarium by you.
I would like to clear all of out surfaces and replace all of the crap with terrariums.

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