Saturday 5 November 2011

Biosphere research Institute: Dr Keith Skene

A writer, lecturer, scientist and a former AARS Rhodes Scholar (Australian Association of Rhodes Scholars), Keith is director of the Biosphere Research Institute, an independent, international and multidisciplinary centre for global sustainability.

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Having gained a first class honours degree in botany, he completed his PhD in plant developmental biology, at the University of Dundee, in 1997. He worked as a lecturer for 13 years, at the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, before taking up his current position in October, 2010. He also lectures on postgraduate courses at the University of St Andrews and the University of Dundee.

Keith mostly works on applying his thinking, based on the laws of thermodynamics, to a wide range of subjects, including evolution, exobiology, conservation, design, town planning, theology and psychology. Skene then applies it to understand how we should face the serious challenges facing our planet at present. The answer is not carbon!

DS3C - Sustainable design: Why the Pharoahs had it right. | Enterprise Gym

Dr Keith Skene from the Biosphere Research Institute who will be speaking on Sustainable design: Why the Pharoahs had it right at DS3C event in Dundee.

Designers hold our futures in their hands, at least according to Dr Keith Skene, director of the Biosphere Research Institute. Using science to inform us about how the rest of the Biosphere works, Skene calls for a complete revision in how we approach the challenges facing us, building on ancient wisdom and containing a positive environmentalist message at its core.

Drawn from his latest book,Escape from Bubbleworld: Seven Curves to Save the Earth, he argues that the answers lie in recognizing how our planet works.

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