Thursday, 24 November 2011

Terrarium for your head and outdoor activities

Role-Play Activity: If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Does a Bird Cry?

Ask your students to brainstorm as a group to create a list of things that might be found in a forest. The list should include trees, rocks, moss, pond, fish, birds, squirrels, leaves, and ferns etc.
Assign each student to play a role as one of the natural elements from the list you created. Have the different elements talk to each other about their life in the forest and how they need each other. For instance, a bird might talk to a tree letting them know that they are thankful that the tree allows them to have their nest in the tree's limb. Or a fish might say to the pond that he/she likes the cold water. Encourage your students to be imaginative. To inspire them, you might want your students to first act out what they imagine the natural elements look and sound like before they begin making up stories. For example, a student might pretend to be a tree swaying in the wind or a bird flying into his/her nest.

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