Thursday 3 November 2011

Homosapien report and Closed Mass System Rules

"From astronauts to students, when informed of the facts that their fair share, 3 field of finite resources, will decline to 1 in 40 years unless radical action is taken= the great majority chose rule change; reduce products and human numbers, save the maximum resources for the future- and they felt all happier in doing so."
Homosapien report

Homosapien report slides:

The planet is a closed mass System

with only sun light energy coming in.

You can just keep having babies and producing new products we live in a closed mass system.

+P +H = -R

Think of the planet as an isolated space station

Astronauts and students chose immediate rule change when informed of the fact that finite resources will reduce to 33% in 40 years.

Rule changes:

Reduce Product and Human numbers, save the maximum Resources for the future and they felt happier doing so.

Adopt a closed mass finite system rule: Make 1 product which lasts and is shared.

Shared mini closed mass system biosphere
with only sunlight energy coming in.

Design based on homosapien report: make one product which is most useful and beautiful, last long and is shared.

Everyone has the power to create so rather than just designing a product to solve one of their problems why not inspire them to think and create their own solutions to problems. Rather than using one brain to solve a problem use one brain to create a device which harnesses the whole of humanities brains to inspire them to think and solve problems.

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