Thursday, 24 November 2011

Biosphere connected to computer idea

biosphere base station and computer facilitator

start off project where it asks questions to user: what is needed to sustain life? light heat, water.
type in.
project on inside back of glass container or presented in computer app.
White base station- glows green when connected.
Then a print out reciept what need for life system.
people then come back to device and add ingredients.
As system continues it could send random open questions through internet to user or could have sensors which detect changes and relay back appropriate questions.
whew getting a bit hot in here, how do you think warming effects your creatures? how does heating up the planet effect the earths creatures? how do we heat up the earth?
warning warning nitrate levels at full capacity please reduce plant life. your creatures are in danger.
Balance seems to be achieved. Where else do you find balance and harmony?

Answers can be typed back through laptop and then posted on a share website.

aimed at user from home studying biosphere and educational aid on biosphere.

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