Saturday 19 November 2011

Play is learning

Enjoyment is the key to deep learning
Play is learning

Get children excited about the world around them

If you like something you will want more of it

All of our science is about getting our kids to think like scientists

Kids are natural scientists, they are always asking questions and they are always trying stuff. Science is fun, its active and its alive.

Here in the museum we have turtles to try and introduce kids to living things, getting a good look at an animal that they may have never seen. What do you think turtles eat? sticks.

You can lye underneith the turtles tank and look at its belly.
"Thats not what I thought it would look like."
Hes even got a shell underneith thats interesting."

The childrens museum is for the kids, they feel ownership over it.

continue here....5.10
Boston Children's Museum - YouTube

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