Thursday 24 November 2011

Paula Hayes: terrarium art and plants built into clothing

Paula Hayes artwork highlighting the connection between plants and people.
Through integrate conceptual art with plants.

Paula's most recent work consists of mini Biosphere terrariums:
Some of her living sculptures which are contained in her hand blown glass containers.

but also include moving gardens, and living plants sewn into clothing.

Love the layers through the soil become art!! thats really cool and reveals allot which can't normally see. Could I make my project into art which also educated? like could be in home or school but is a form of art as well as education?
Good design for air circulation but also allows water to collect on roof then drip down again without being completely enclosed.

Looks a bit like a city using crystal like sky scraper

Paula Hayes

How can I get my device to suggest the reliance and connection to nature which people can't get away from? should my device make it unable for the human to function without caring or watering the system? or that your computer will only function if your mini biosphere is working fine and your nitrate levels arnt too high? If the person uses the computer/ some type of technology too much- its heats up the biosphere and causes warning signals to go off? that your heating up the biosphere and that you need to take a break? or that by using as much energy as you are your killing your biosphere so have to switch things off as your house relies on the biosphere. If the sensors detect temperature is getting to high then it warns you that you are threatening the lives of your small biosphere.
Or that every piece of rubbish which you don't put in the recycling bin but put in the normal bin. Detector within bin raises the nitrate levels or ph levels of your biosphere.

Should I target it not as a school teaching aid but general day to day people? I think possible so, could be in houses and schools. Could be a stand alone teaching aid which facilitates learning itself without a teacher. Need to find out if teachers would need it or wether target people who dont have teachers? like adults or people that kids that dont have teachers to teach them in this way or schools that dont have time to teach.
Kds are being taught about the ecosystems in school but are adults? when kids go home they tell their parents but do their parents understand? should I go for a critical design piece?

I love this work but wonder how this wonderful work can avoid being classes as Hippy which for most people have negative co-notations? paula seems to do it through, well designed clean white containers. Maybe I should ask her how she manages it?

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