Monday 21 November 2011

Biopshere Build workshop

Materials needed:

bring few shrimp from bug aquarium

bring some algae
Pos some sort of net? could just use jar

Ways of recording:

voice recorder (charged)

questions and insights sheet

brain storm paper


-Find out how long people have? so can adjust length of workshop

-Provide students with questions and insights sheet

-Begin brainstorm on shared paper:

What is a biosphere?

What makes up the earth? water, soil, air

What types of biosphere's exist on the earth? aquatic, earth

What materials will we need to create a biosphere?

what else is found in water? nutrients? imagine if you poured fertilisers into a water system which some farmers do, what happens? poisons so need to be careful not an overload of nutrients. How can we cope with that? nutralise/ alkali- measure-then add acid or alkali through lemons acid or shells alkali/ buffer

Where can we get them from?

Go out and gather materials:

Barnhill Rock Garden ponds, Broughty ferry:

approximately one mile east of Broughty Ferry, parallel to the A930 Dalhousie Road. It is well-served by buses

Barnhill Rock Garden, Broughty Ferry, How to get to Barnhill Rock Garden

Map, open till 3pm

Den O’Mains and Trottick Ponds NatureArea

The ponds
were once used for the textile industry but are now home to
a variety of wildlife.

Up near Caird park,

there is also ponds in caird park!!


green circular route

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