Saturday 24 September 2011

The Eagle and the Condor in the same sky: Integrate both indigenous heart with modern mind will bring balance to the world

"The life support systems of our spaceship are being destroyed faster than they can regenerate."

"The family has to sit down together and do an intervention in addictive system that is out of control and is going to bring the whole family down and all the neighbours."

"there is no them, them is us."

"We have been using the wrong operating manual for humanity, we have been using one that is designed for separate cells and yet we have discovered that the world is totally connect and totally inter related so its no wonder that we have been creating such havoc. What we need to develop is a new way of seeing the world, a world of co operation, a world were narrow self interest is seen for what it really is an illusion."

Alliance between indigenous knowledge(inherit knowledge and feeling about nature and being one with nature,Rule: never do anything that threatens future generations ) and Modern world (incredible body of knowledge around science and really understanding nitty gritty behind nature) combine them and it becomes very powerful.

"We believe that every human being needs to integrate what these two worlds have to offer without minimising the value of either world. So everyone can benifit, not just my people but all people everywhere."
Domingo Peas, Leader, Achuar Federation

"Where do we find a completely different way of seeing things? well it turns out that this dynamic interconnected complexity that scientists are finally discovering to be the truth about life on planet earth. Is the same truth that our ancestors have been telling us all along, so we may find the keys to resolving the problems of our immediate future by listening to the voices of our ancient past, voices that are still speaking to us today... It is important for the world to listen to the wisdom of the indigenous voice because it speaks not from the mind but through the heart.
When at last the mind and heart are in balance no more harm will come to mother earth. "

We have the power and knowledge to bring Eden back to the world, Looking back through history It suggest we had the vision a long time ago but lost track of it, It isn't anything new.
Gardens of Babylon and eden.

Eagle and the condor dancing in the same sky prophesy.

"So what are we saying? we should all live as indigenous people, of course not nor are we saying that they have thee answer for us. What we are saying is this
if we combine our amazing talent for invention with their earth honouring point of view. If we marry the genius of the human mind with the wisdom of the human heart we can remake the world,
we think that it is not only possible its happening."

"we are not just passengers on spaceship earth, We're the crew."

If we honestly looked into our hearts we would not do what we do to the earth, our home.

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