Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dreams: Village of the Watermills

A young man finds himself entering a peaceful, stream-laden village. The traveller meets an old, wise man who is fixing a broken watermill wheel. The elder explains that the people of his village decided long ago to forsake the polluting influence of modern technology and return to a happier, cleaner era of society. They have chosen spiritual health over convenience, and the traveller is surprised but intrigued by this notion.

"there is no electricity here? Don't need it. People get too used to convenience. They think convenience is better. They throw out what's truly good. But what about lights? We've got candles and linseed oil. But night's so dark. Yes. That's what night is supposed to be. Why should night be as bright as day? I wouldn't like nights so bright you couldn't see the stars."

The village represents a true Heaven on earth, where life is lived long and happily and in harmony with nature, and where death is not a frightening end to life if that life was lived right and without regrets. The old man's words are inspiring, and the joyance of the funeral procession make you realise that what you are seeing is exactly how life and death should be: the focus of life should be a lasting, memorable journey, not a never ending race towards some reward that, in the end, so few of us ever obtain.

Village has undertones of villages seen in Legend of Zelda. Could computer games be used to change peoples attitudes and behaviours?

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