Monday 12 December 2011

educational aids: already on the market

Ecosystem by Clementoni


Enter the fascinating world of water by setting up and nurturing your very own Ecosystem. This ecosystem kit shows how the natural water cycle works, with evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection taking place before your eyes.

You can sow seeds in your mini biosphere, make it rain, and watch the meadow plants grow. An illustrated manual explains how to use your ecosystem and helps you understand the natural processes at work in the water cycle, such as water vapour turning into rain. A water analysis kit is also included.

Science Museum Ecosystem for Kids by Clemontoni


Scienza nella Serra and Video Microscope

Scienza&Gioco VideoMicroscopio + Serra - 20'' - YouTube


Globus educational



but doesn't encourage interaction or learning


Ant Gel aquarium


ant farm

tube hive ants


Backyard safari land water habitat


insect lores little bug locket


Bug podz construction set- could be an idea


Inset ladybug land


How to make a sealed bottom

水晶球的裝設方法示範 - YouTube


Triops set up

Grow UANTriops Video - YouTube



Minipond Ecosystem Kit, Living

Minipond Ecosystem Kit, Living


ecosystem bingo game

Biomes and Ecosystems Bingo Game

Biomes and Ecosystems Bingo Game - Teacher Resources - Earth & Environmental - Carolina Biological Supply Company



What happens when we think of our bodies as their own ecosystems? Are they open or closed ecosystems? Where do we draw the boundaries? Before we take medication, do we ask ourselves how it will affect our internal organs, our friendly bacteria? What is our medication's future, beyond our bodies, in the sewage system and out in the waterways we swim in and eventually drink? What are the possible futures of our personal waste? What do sentient ecosystems eat and drink?

Human urine is actually sterile (unlike faeces, it is bacteria-free) and it can be a rich food source if it gets into the right part of the right ecosystem. Now, most human urine travels untreated into the waterways and is a significant cause of eutrophication, a toxic condition caused by harmful algae blooms, in the oceans. The excess nitrogen and phosphorus in our urine overfeeds algae and suffocates fish.

etech08 - we make money not art


Wild Science Eco Dome Planet Management kit.- models our planet earth!!

Wild Science The Eco System Eco Dome

Create your own Self Sufficient & Sustainable world.
Explore the science of Global warming & weather patterns, create micro climates linkable to plant and animal habitats.
Eco Dome is uniquely designed to mimic real world land systems, living systems and atmostpheric effects. Learn how light, the earth, plants, water and air are all linked in a cycle that sustains our life on earth.
Model the greenhouse effect, create rainstorm, see updrafts and down drafts. Create micro climates and see the water cycle at work.
Grow an amazing range of plants in different microhabitats. Track temperature changes, water movement and plant growth rates with special measuring tools.
Link eco dome to other nature systems in our range
Eco Dome base, lid and cup
Interlink tube
Filter netting
Wind turbine bearing and pole
2 thermometer strips
1 temperature stake
1 bag of vermiculite and water gel crystal soil conditioner mix
1 bag of pebbles
Themed stickers
Measuring stakes and water level strips
2 large a 2 small plugs
Measuring pipette
Dust mask
Colour instruction book.
This kit is not suitable for children under 6 y.o. and should be used under strict adult supervision.
Seeds and plants are not included. Lists of appropriate and easily available seeds are included.

This is a great tool for a teacher (or parent) who wants to help students to learn how the earth's conditions effect plantlife and vice versa! A great gift for the curious child! It's also a great tool to show children how fragile our ecosystem really is....


Wild science eco forensics lab

I love these Wild Science kits they are so fun!

Wild science is an award winning company which produces educational and high quality materials which encourage exploration of scientific concepts and skills through imaginative play.


Sea monkeys- could they be part of my system?

weird science worm farm and ant farm

wild science island for fighting fish and ants


wild science Atlantis


wild science ant jungle colony

Gel garden

See roots under soil

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