Monday, 24 October 2011

Natural space for Discovery learning

A space or vessel which holds a space for discovery and learning.

Based on the Biosfer (biosphere) porto Antico, Genoa, Italy

Genoa Tourist Attractions: Further photo of the famous Biosfera structure

dome-shaped greenhouse on the seafront is home to an ecosystem in miniature. Within the Biosfera itself is a tropical environment, complete with exotic birds, plants and colourful butterflies.

Green house in Dundee Botanic gardens:

Why does the botanic gardens not enable learning? is it the space or the way we look at it and move through it?
Feels like there is no chance to sit and look, feels like a rush. People move through museums and gardens very quickly and don't take time to stop and look and thus don't learn anything really.
Is it more about how we look at nature as a source of inspiration than what it looks like? we can get inspiration from even the simplest object such as a rock.

If we had the green house in our house would we learn from it? by seeing it on a regular basis?

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