Saturday 4 February 2012

Adaptive Biophere

Once my biosphere have been bought then then can be adapted to make different measurements through added sensors by the user which allows the user to personalise their biosphere to how they want it.

Much like how this guy took his hex bug and made it swim


Before environmental pressures forced Hexbugs to evolve to operate on land, they were originally amphibious creatures that were found in damp environments. Perhaps like humans losing their gills and the ability to breathe underwater, Hexbugs may have lost their waterproofness during the evolutionary process. They may however retain the innate ability to swim.


If they were waterproof, Hexbugs would be able to swim.


Once waterproofed, Hexbugs operate underwater just as effectively as they do on desks and floors. This is also a quick and fun experiment that creates a minimal amount of mess and doesn't require soldering.

Future Work

Future experimenters may look at using bristlebots to search for pollution released into sewer systems

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