Monday 26 September 2011

Third Lomond Hill: Unconscious Mimicry

"I don't think anyone had consciously designed it that way, but it was very satisfying to see artifice mimicking nature without conscious intention."

"I did my permaculture design course at Monimail Tower just over two year ago. One afternoon we made a clay oven for making pizzas. The clay had been dug up locally by someone who was building a house extension, and we had a great time trampling straw into it and shaping it into a domed oven, placed just outside the house.
A little later, as we were having dinner in the house, I looked out through the big picture window at the oven we had made and at the Lomond hills beyond, and saw right away that we had made the third Lomond. The shape was uncannily like that of East Lomond."

Mark O'Reilly
Academic Achievement Teaching Unit, University of Dundee
(Allotment Lot group)

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