Friday, 2 December 2011

"Through Life We Learn" William Bruce

Heavily bearded man with dark receding hair, wearing a dark coloured jacket, white collar and pale tie. He is looking slightly to the left, with a solemn expression

William Spiers Bruce(1867-1921) was a Scottish Explorer who was determined to conquer Antarctica in the name of science.

When his ship became stuck in a sheet of ice he sought shelter in a cabin he and his team built.

Making their shelter from rocks they could find on the beach and wood they could salvage fro the ship,

here is the door which was built from biscuit boxes.

He carved on the lintel above his shore base (Omond house)

"Through life we learn",

Bruce cared very much about this philosophy and was his guiding principle for those who lived and worked with him through the harsh days. This philosophy is very similar to Patrick Geddes "By living we learn".

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  1. The Ferguson clan motto is "sweeter through adversity'.

    I think William Bruce's philosophy is a great companion to this.

    Another great Scot I didn't know about until this TV program.


    andy ferguson