Monday 23 April 2012

James Modern Terrarium- good instructions

Good instructions use an inspiration for my instructions for filling Biopod: Deconstruction: James Modern Terrariums | Design Milk
Deconstruction: James Modern Terrariums
Deconstruction: James Modern Terrariums
I create my terrarium soil from scratch. One should choose a soil suited to the plants inside. If you’re creating a succulent terrarium, buy a succulent and cacti terrarium mix. Otherwise, use a regular potting mix. I mix a half-cup of activated charcoal into the soil mix. The charcoal will keep the soil fresh. In addition, being porous, the charcoal adds some needed lightness and drainage to the soil. I add layers of sand or other materials to add visual interest to the bottom of the terrarium, making certain these materials are inert and will not leach any harmful chemicals into the soil.

James Modern Terrariums plants glass gardening

James Modern Terrariums | Colossal

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