Monday, 16 January 2012

Arduino and sensors

Co2 sensor:

comment:I've always thought building a sealed enclosure where you could monitor and control CO2 / sunlight / soil moisture levels / weight of small plants would be really fun. Plants grow faster in elevated CO2 concentrations and making kind of a "plant laboratory" would be fun for nerds like me who enjoy statistics and number crunching. Putting together that kind of kit would be a fun project.

Also educative for schools!

It would be able to measure the air quality in the closed environment and show how healthy the system is. Oxygen sensors are apparently expensive. Could show when system is in danger if too much co2.

The more oxygen in system the better.

Co2 sensor for £9.95

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Co2 interface

Computer-Controlled Air Conditioner | Moving Forward

co2 sensor code:

although co2 sensors seem quite expensive

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas Sensor

Mushroom Environment Control - Arduino Powered

Co2 figaro sensors seem reasonable price: Carbon dioxide sensor??

Ph sensor:

for $25 at Store

arduino ph ,orp atlas - Reef Central Online Community

pHloat2 DIY acidic water testing sculpture & kit with arduino

Arduino PH/ORPDuino Proto Shield - YouTube

phduino - pH meter using Arduino board for glass electrode. - Google Project Hosting

Temperature sensor:

Digital Temperature Sensor Breakout - TMP102 from Cool Components

Humidity and temperature sensor:

Humidity and Temperature Sensor - SHT15 Breakout from Cool Components


  1. This is a very effective device for institutions and laboratories. great idea.
    what is arduino

    1. Arduino is a type of prototyping hardware. Do you happen to work in a laboratory? as I am looking for people to test them out.